Email Jackson+

I only check email once or twice a day. Sending email to Jackson+ puts your message in the VIP queue.

On the right is a list of pre-tagged email addresses as well as a description of how they affect my process. Using these pre-tagged addresses ensures that your email to me will never be lost in the shuffle.

Below is a VCard. It has all of the pre-tagged email addresses as well as my other contact information. After loading the VCard, typing Jackson+ will give you a list of VIP email addresses that guarantee the fastest response / action possible.

I look forward to hearing from you and I appreciate your help in my quest for increased productivity.

Feel free to steal this idea. I stole it from Nicholas Holland. At least I used, Nick's awesome one-page website tool to tell you about it :)

    Urgent messages will be pushed to my phone. Don't abuse it and you will always be able to reach me.
    Schedule requests can be handled by me or my virtual assistant, even when I am busy.
    Ask me anything. These messages will be processed as soon as I am able to give a thoughtful response.
    Have something I need to know about? Send it here to be sure I read it and file it to Evernote.
    Emails without a pre-tag will go into my inbox. Right alongside all the other crap. You don't want to be there; it's not for VIPs like you.
  • Did I miss anything? Let me know ;)